Our working lives have changed massively in recent years. We have learned to work remotely, to be connected only digitally, and to let private and professional issues flow together.

Is that good or bad?
How are the connections within the team?
What conflicts keep surfacing?
And what kind of communication has become more important?
Do private issues overshadow the professional routine or vice versa?
Do employees struggle with returning to the office?

Have their roles changed and if so, how can we recast our relationships and encounters?

I use THE ANIMAL APPROACH® as a systemic method of solution-oriented coaching. In this process roles, conflicts and obstacles in the team are playfully staged, moderated and sorted with Schleich® animal figurines. By approaching the situation with these animals you can playfully overcome inner blockages and find new solutions with humor and simultaneous depth.

In individual sessions and group coaching we analyze existing conflicts, defuse tension, work out goals and resources, and find new ways of communicating. That is because animals speak a different language. Their perspective helps to move from a purely intellectual approach to a different level of perception. So let the animals speak!


THE ANIMAL APPROACH® is tailored to your situation, team size, and specific topics and goals. Live sessions can take place on your premises, or digitally.

I usually start with a short evaluation within the leadership team as an individual or group session (2 hours):
Definition of tasks, roles and conflicts, overview and quick change of perspectives

The following workshop includes an analysis within the team (3-4 hours):
Analysis of conflicts, elaboration of goals, necessary resources and solutions

Individual and more personal issues are separated out in one-on-one or two-to-one settings (1-2 hours each):
Constellation of the "inner team", working on inner blockages, strengthening one's own position and communication skills

A final group session revisits the whole process (3-4 hours):
Resolution of conflicts, change of relationships, integration of obstacles, change of workflow


We live in systems: In our private ones with family, friends and other acquaintances from our everyday lives. And in our professional ones with leadership roles, executives, colleagues, customers, clients, project partners, etc. In all small and large systems we play different roles - mostly simultaneously and often unconsciously. In doing so, we carry our respective experiences with us, which influence our actions.

If we let the animals speak, then problems and confusions become clear, old experiences and patterns understandable, issues and misunderstandings clarified. And why not? Aren't we the same person everywhere? Why should we hide? What good does it do us?

THE ANIMAL APPROACH® works without many words. That makes things easier. Playfully selected and intuitively positioned, the animals lead to a new perspective, a possible change of roles, a better understanding among colleagues and a more differentiated attitude towards clients. Relationships suddenly change when the position of the other person in the room becomes visible. In addition, the animals remain in the memory as visual anchors for a very long time and enrich future communication.

The acceptance and effect in the team is all the more sustainable, when management partakes in these changes by experiencing the same processes. Employees will more readily accept and engange, if they see that the management has skin in the game, too. The time has come for more cooperative methods!


»Thank you, Berit, you always ask the right questions. And your animals find the appropriate position for every situation, so that it becomes quite intuitively visible where the problem actually lies.«
Anne Boschan, Editorial Director Deutschlandradio

»When Berit Julie Friz entered our office on a beautiful summer morning outfitted with a basket full of animals, we were instantly transported back to the carefree and playful time of our childhoods. A time in which we experienced life as an endless adventure, a never-ending story, that we could discover with a heart free of judgment. We experienced a genuinely eye opening exchange in which Berit lead us through the wilderness of our daily entanglements, unconscious fears, misconceptions and mild insecurities. This of course, in the most sensitive, compassionate and loving way. Through the aid of her animal assistants she showed us the way back to our source. A place where we are united and aligned with our beings, our power, our task. It brought us clarity, structure and motivation, for this we thank you, Berit.«
Alexx and Anton, Creative Direction

»The reason for a systemic constellation was to mediate between "head and gut" in the future modeling of my agency. I wanted to explore to what extent the strategic business development could be aligned with my personal vision. With clever questions along the established actual and target scenarios, only two options remained in the end. In this respect, the meeting quickly contributed to clarification. The method is well suited when topics become complex and personal and professional issues are mixed - and that is very often the case.«
Tammo F. Bruns, Managing Director of the brand agency kleiner und bold GmbH

»You convey content with a lot of passion and humor, are incredibly authentic and have a very fine sense for the essentials.«
Sarah Fischer, Sarah Fischer Coaching


For many years, I worked as a public relations consultant for agencies and companies, as an expert for integrated campaigns with budget responsibility for strategy, events and press relations. After years as an employee, I decided to take the path of project-based self-employment and have my own clients and projects.

While rasing my two daughters, my personal interest in medicine and all questions concerning a healthy lifestyle was awakened. So I completed training as a non-medical practitioner, deepened my knowledge in systemic constellation work, methods of supervision and coaching, as well as alternative forms of treatment and therapy. Since 2018 I have worked in my own PRACTICE in Berlin-Schöneberg and accompany my clients and patients on their personal path.

I am convinced of the importance of working on mental health. Systemic constellations can reduce stress and illness. I have learned a lot about myself on my own journey with this method, triggered inner processes and changed my own patterns. It helps to be able to sort yourself out on a regular basis and to have private and professional issues come into harmony. This is what I developed THE ANIMAL APPROACH® for. When I work with people today, I speak from my own experience. I am analytical and empathetic. And I work open-heartedly with depth and professionalism.

I live my vision of supporting and repositioning people through self-reflection. In doing so, I am passionately committed to defusing conflicts, developing new forms of leadership culture and thus making companies fit for the future.


Berit Julie Friz
Gotenstr. 12
10829 Berlin

+49 177 546 52 62


Berit Julie Friz
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